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An engaging, high-quality, user-friendly website that attracts, informs, and drives results.

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  • An engaging, high-quality, user-friendly website, powered by Metrik Social
  • Free Basic Membership in The United Small Business Alliance (The USBA)
  • Access to Exclusive Member Events, Workshops, and Wellness Services by The USBA.

Website Development + 1 Year Hosting

$950 (21% Savings)

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List Price: $1,200


Our full website development services provide a comprehensive solution to bring your vision to life.

This package includes:

✅ Free Membership  with The USBA ($25 value)

✅ Corporate Branding Package

✅ PC, Tablet, and Mobile Optimized Website

✅ 4 Top Level Pages

✅ Use of company logo, colors, fonts, and company information

✅ Photos and content specific to your industry.

✅Industry-leading SEO

✅ Web Hosting


Why Build a Website?

A website is a digital storefront and typically consists of multiple pages that provide comprehensive information about a business, organization, individual, or topic. It may include home pages, about pages, contact pages, product or service pages, blog sections, and more. Generally, a website is useful for brands wanting visitors to leave with a broad understanding of what they do, what they care about, who they serve, and the unique ways they solve problems for their customers. Good websites educate their potential customers, have clear calls to action (CTAs), and feature a streamlined, intuitive buyer's journey that drives conversions.

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The Power of Digital Storefronts

75% of people base their first impression of a business on its website.

Our full website development services provide a comprehensive solution to bring your vision to life. From design and graphics to copy and content creation and optimization, we handle every aspect of building an engaging, high-quality, user-friendly website that attracts, informs, and drives results.

  • 97% of customers say websites influence their purchases.*
  • A website is like having a digital showroom open 24 hours a day, seven days a week — without any extra staff or overhead costs.
  • 84% of consumers believe a business’s website is more credible than its social media page.*
  • Optimal website visual intensity can increase positive response to 5.03%**

* Source: Yaqub M. (CBC), BusinessDIT

**Source: Audrey Rawnie Rico,


What if I don't have a domain yet?

We assist you in choosing and purchasing a domain that best aligns with your brand and setup your first email branded email account free of charge.

How long does it take?

7 Business Days


Once we have the information about your brand and what you'd like to communicate to your website visitors, such as your mission and vision, service and/or product descriptions, company contact information, and logo, it takes us less than 7 business days to deliver a basic site. If you elect to utilize our included design services to craft a custom logo for your brand, expect to add another 3-5 business days, as we work with you to craft the perfect brand image. If you choose  to optimize your site with add-ons such as explainer videos, e-books, and blogs, it could also add to final website delivery times.

Will you help me develop my website copy?

We are happy to offer you assistance in crafting compelling messaging, taglines, and calls to action as part of the free consulting included with every website. Additional support can be purchased on an hourly basis.

Why do I need hosting?

Much like leasing physical office space or digital storefronts, website hosts provide the server space or infrstruacture needed to make your website or digital storefront available on the internet for users to visit. This includes file storage for all the content within your website, like videos and pictures; and also security and maintenance, managing data transfers. Hosting services play a crucial role in the reliability and performance of a website.

Do you offer website support if our website goes down?

Yes, our support team is available via text or email every weekday between 8am-5pm ET to address any website concerns. If you contact us outside of those hours, we will get back to you as soon as possible on the next business day.

Do you offer live agents for my completed website?

Yes, for $200/month, you can hire a virtual website support agent who would receive and respond to visitor requests for up to 40 hours per week, during the hours of your choosing. If visitors contact the support agent outside of those hours, they will get back to your website visitors on the next business day.

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Content Marketing

Do what you love, leave your digital marketing to us.


Metrik Social is a full-service management agency, offering human-powered brand storytelling services through social media management, custom content creation, marketing and growth strategy and consulting, website development, and sales funnel creation. Brands trust Metrik Social to build their digital community, amplify their mission, and generate demand and revenue for their enterprise solutions. USBA members in the Starter, Professional, and Enterprise plans receive 50% off basic social media management, and 10% off all services through Metrik Social. Learn more about why USBA membership is right for you by clicking the link below.

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