Empowering the self-employed to reach their full potential

It's the vision of the USBA to build an alliance of companies who work together to support the small business owner, the self-employed freelancer, and the entrepreneur, so that a lack of resources is never again the reason a business has failed. 

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Our Commitment

We believe that when the small business owner feels a sense of belonging and visibility, has access to affordable health care, and is an active and thriving contributor to the economy, everyone wins. The USBA is dedicated to empowering small business owners, freelancers, and gig workers, providing them with the tools and resources they need to grow their businesses and support themselves and their families.

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate a supportive ecosystem of entrepreneurs, essential business service providers, and expert advisors through workshops, events, mentorship programs, and one-on-one coaching that fosters professional and personal development and success.

How It Works

The United Small Business Alliance (The U.S.B.A.) is a member-based organization that builds partnerships with credible and professional business service providers and connects them to members who need their services, facilitated by The USBA business advisors. Members receive up to 50% off professional services, such as personal credit improvement, business credit building, insurance coverage, growth marketing and branding, tax preparation and bookkeeping, and expert business strategy and coaching. 

These services bring Fortune 500-level benefits to entrepreneurs of all types, enabling business owners to gain customers and visibility, increase funding and investment opportunities, reduce operational and personal expenses, build financial literacy and security, and improve wellness.


Meet our Leadership Team


Quincy Luzunaris

Quincy is the founder and president of Kredit Koncepts, LLC. Established in 2009,
the company is the leading self-service credit improvement and financial recovery organization. He has a passion for developing programs to help underserved communities understand the power of good credit, how it unlocks countless opportunities  and helps obtain the “American Dream".


Jeff Broome

Jeff is the President of Business Development for The Accredited Group, securing working capital, equipment loans, and government funds for small to medium-sized businesses. He is also a Board member of Red Coral Universe, a worldwide streaming service, and has a passion for curing "economic incarceration" in black and brown communities through education and homeownership.


Steven Couch

Steven is the founder and owner of Venture Valley Consulting Co., which provides growth strategy, business development, and executive coaching services for ideating, startup, and scaling businesses and their leaders. He is also a celebrity master chef, and is passionate about helping underserved communities both name and obtain the health, wellbeing, and lifestyle they seek.

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